Introduction to Fengshui

An Introduction to Fengshui by Inder Bindra, Feng Shui Consultant in Dubai, UAE

Life is beautiful.  We all want to live it to its fullest.  But what is the secret to an abundant and happy life?

During our journey, we face opportunities and challenges that are thrown at us along the way.  Some of these are fair.  Some unfair.  At times life can be easy, or an uneven ride.


Along our path, we meet many people.  Some become friends and partners.  Others become our support system.  And sometimes we just don’t connect at all.  Have you ever wondered why?

Health is wealth.  Everyone would like to live a long and healthy life.  Yet some people are more prone to injury and sickness than others.  Could it be the house they are living in?  Or is it connected to their fate?

We see people enjoying great success,  they always seem to be in the right place at the right time. We think how lucky they are!

We can live a whole lifetime and still not realize our purpose.

This is where Feng Shui can help you.  It’s said that ignorance is bliss but awareness is power.  And you can use Feng Shui to gain that power for yourself.

What is Feng Shui?  It is both an art and a science. A system of Chinese Metaphysics.  It’s the study of the land and Qi.  “Qi (Chee)” the cosmic energy meanders the land and changes with time. By using Feng Shui we can connect to this Qi’s positive aspects to succeed in our life goals.

The universe thrives on a balance, there are the Yang and the Yin i.e. the day and night, hot and cold, male and female. Similarly, we want to have a balance in our lives for the relationships to grow, be healthier and prosperous. Feng Shui tries to achieve this balance.

A Feng Shui consultant will let you maximize the harmony with your environment at home or at work.

There’s a popular saying “nobody is perfect”.  How true!  But wouldn’t it be powerful if we knew our own strengths and weaknesses so we can make the most of our talents and avoid our pitfalls?  The art of Destiny Analysis does exactly that.

Everything in life is about timing. Help your self by starting major, minor and important events on a good date and time suitable for the event and make sure the energies prevailing are connected to you. This is where the consult on Date Selection ( also called Ze Ri) helps you. You could plan your year ahead by knowing the dates that are good for you.

We all want to succeed in our lives be it at work or at home. Big goals, contracts, promotions even successful meetings do not happen by luck or by a miracle, they require planning and a constant update to the plan as the situation changes. Qi Men Dun Jia a branch of Chinese metaphysics helps you do just that. It also popularly called as the “SUN TZU” “Art of war”. And today’s modern business world is a battlefield, the science of Qi Men Strategic Execution guides you to plan for the battle of goals, tells if your plans are giving the desired results helping you modify the plans.

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