Do We Need Fengshui?

Do we really need Fengshui?

We all love living our lives in the best of spirits. But once in a while, for no particular reason, we feel a bit low. An unwarranted argument occurs. We fail to put in that extra effort we normally do. Miss that opportunity. Fengshui may give you the answers.

But WHY? What do you NEED? When will that window of opportunity open?

Fengshui Basics Chinese Metaphysics can help us answer these questions. Feng Shui is part of Chinese Metaphysics. It’s a science and an art. It’s a study of the land. Understanding the Qi (cosmic energies) prevalent. We can use the positive aspects of Qi to improve our living and succeed in our life goals.

Landforms around us i.e. the mountains, rivers, lakes define the type of Qi(Chee) flowing. This Qi has been over the years influenced by the passing planets in the skies above. Even man made structures like roads, buildings effect the way the Qi flows. Every building or a home you stay in, is influenced by this  energy. Every person is effected differently by the prevalent Qi. His receptiveness is determined by his date of birth (GUA).

One of the important factors determining the type of Qi is time. Qi is dynamic and changes constantly. No person or property is continuously lucky(positive QI) or unlucky(negative Qi). We could use Feng Shui to understand how the Qi will effect us in the coming years or months. Knowledge is power.

There is a myth:

“ I don’t believe in Feng shui so it will not work for me”.

How primitive!

Qi is going to be present and it’s up to you how you empower yourself with this knowledge to optimize your opportunities, wealth, and potential in life.

A Fengshui practitioner would assess the QI not only by looking at the environment but also by using complex formulas and determine the quality and flow of the Qi required to achieve the desired objective.

Simple Deductions:
Stagnating of Qi, developing a Yin characteristic or getting blocked will result in feeling lethargic, depressed, irritated etc. Resolve this by activating the Qi.  A simple task of moving the furniture, even by a few feet causes the positive Qi to be activated.

Clutter or junk collecting in a particular location can at times cause illness. An example,  south-west corner of the room had all the old newspapers stacking up, this would affect the mother of the house or a person of Gua 2.

One of the best boosters for self-esteem is maintaining your weight.  Now you work hard towards that and yet the inches around the stomach show no signs of reduction. Maybe it’s a good idea to also look into the Southern sector of your house and see if its afflicted. Or the inches below the hip increase then look into the Southeast sector.
The deal which was going so smoothly suddenly hits a speed breaker this month(Sep), look at the Southern sector. Seems like someone activated it wrongly.

Tap into the Qi of the environment to achieve your endeavors in life. Use the  beautiful art and science called Fengshui

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