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    I started my business in April 2013 from my partner’s office. Coming from a hard- core corporate background, I faced hard challenges coping up with the “real world issues “of having your clients, your staff, profitability of the company, the list was never ending.

    So when it was time to move to my own space and my own office in April 2014, I consulted the one person I could trust, who had a thorough knowledge and the right intention ‘Inder’. Inder first asked me for my date and time of birth and the layout of the building as well as the office by email.

    After studying the same, he visited my office the next day and spent some time to ask what areas that I would like to enhance, I told him I was looking for new clients and my business to run in a smooth way. We had our discussions for two hours whereby he asked me many questions and understood exactly what I was looking for. His patience in listening to what I really wanted from my work and giving me solutions accordingly was fascinating.

    He then gave me a project report of my office. I wasn’t just impressed, I was amazed. The level of accuracy put into it and the simplicity of explanation as to why certain things need to be changed and how I should go about it was commendable.

    I made the changes as advised, and the results were fantastic. Within a week’s time I could feel the positivity and the change in the speed whereby I was getting new clients. Clients, whom I’d met in 2013, turned around and said they want to sign up with me; new contracts have started pouring in thru referrals. The home side has further extended their support and understanding which is nothing less than the icing on the cake.

    So thanks a ton, Inder, for touching my life in a positive way and pray that you keep helping individuals to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.