Life is beautiful.  We all want to live it to its fullest.  But what is the secret to an abundant and happy life?

During our journey we face opportunities and challenges that are thrown at us along the way. Some of these are fair. Some unfair. At times life can be easy, or an uneven ride.

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  • Residential

    We all want our house to be a home. By connecting your personal Qi with your house you can use your best directions and locations to make sure your house supports you.  A Feng Shui analysis gives you the understanding to create your home.

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  • Commercial

    Every body knows the 3 most important rules in buying or renting commercial space is…Location…Location…Location. Well if that was a 100% true then, wondered why certain shops have a good foot fall and the one next to it is empty, (same location)?

    Its called tapping into the Qi.

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  • Strategic Planning

    Would it not be wonderful if we could en-cash the opportunities life brings along in our journey. Most of the time even if we recognise it, we are stuck with wondering what to do next. In the corporate world or at work there are times, meetings presentations, requests which we pray and hope for the outcome to be in our favour.

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  • Date Selection

    There is an old saying ” There is a Time and Place for every thing”, well the Time represents the Heaven luck and the Place represents the Earth luck. In Feng shui we wan t the Qi to be connected to each other and when we choose the correct time then we connect the Man Luck ( you ) Earth Luck and the Heaven Luck.

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About Inder

Inder has turned his passion into reality. Studying the Qi (Energies) around us, it's influences on our outcomes and then harnessing that very Qi to fulfil ones goals and objectives.
His journey to the discovery of the science of Chinese Metaphysics of which Feng Shui is a branch started when he saw the effects of changing just the bed direction. Read More